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(Gater 98.7) - How’s this for a Valentine’s Day surprise?  The Gater 98.7's Andy Preston, in Palm Beach, got a call from AC/DC’s Brian Johnson!

He was in town for the Palm Beach Grand Prix that’s happening this weekend at Palm Beach International Raceway! Get more info here.

Brian is actually going to be doing some racing this weekend.  He shared some great racing stories with Andy.

He also ventured briefly into the music territory and I’m glad we did (at around the 6 minute mark below).

Andy asked Brian if there is anything planned for him and the band in 2014, and he said “You'll be the first one to know really....I think we’ll be going into the studio in May in Vancouver.”

He also added that since the band has been around for 40 years, he thinks they “are going to try to do 40 gigs to thank the fans for their undying loyalty!”  He said it’s been 4 years (since they toured) and he’s really looking forward to it.  

Check out the full interview below!

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