The website just released a survey where people ranked all 51 U.S. license plates from best looking to worst.  Here are the top five: 

1. Wyoming came in FIRST.  Their plate has a silhouetted cowboy on a bucking horse. 

2.  Hawaii came in second.  Theirs features a rainbow all the way across. 

3.  Utah came in third.  Theirs shows a red rock formation called 'The Delicate Arch,' from Arches National Park. 

4.  Alabama came in fourth.  It's a simple landscape with the slogan "Sweet Home Alabama", from the LYNYRD SKYNYRD song. 

5.  Oregon's plate came in fifth.  It's got mountains and a green fir tree on it.

The worst license plate in the country is . . . Delaware.  It's just a navy blue plate with gold numbers and the motto, "The First State."  The rest of the bottom five are Arkansas, Michigan, Alaska, and Virginia.