A new trailer has been released for the upcoming sequel to X-Men: The Last Stand called X-Men: Days of Future Past. The film hits theaters on May 23rd and features many of the actors from the original trilogy returning to the franchise. Director Bryan Singer discussed the film with Collider saying, "This one actually delves into being a time travel movie. Once I took on that and figured out a methodology for it, I embraced the fact that like Time Machine, Back to the Future, Terminator, Looper, I'm now in that world or trench, but it's a very fun opportunity to see maybe this is a future. When you see the X-Men in this future, it's almost like you start off and it's sort of a dreary 'maybe' future, it's one you hope didn't happen, maybe it won't happen, and that's kind of what it feels like. So I went full out, that's why it's very dark and they're all militant and I wanted to make sure they all looked like they'd been fighting a war for ten years."