The inside of Danzig’s house is SO bizarre and there are photos to prove it

Glenn Danzig put his old house—yes the house infamous for having a pile of bricks in the front yard that brought down the property value of the neighborhood in Los Angeles—up for sale after being vacant for a number of years.

After discovering the listing, some Danzig fans started an amazing Indiegogo campaign in an effort to nab the house for $666,666 and turn it into a "punk rock Graceland." (If you want to contribute, check out the crowdfunding campaign site here.) They even promised to bring back the pile o' bricks. 


And the pictures are even better. Check out some of Danzig's forgotten treasures here.

Apparently Glenn forgot to pack his unopened boxes of Count Chocula and Franken Berry when he moved. Or maybe they were left as a housewarming gift to the new owners? It's okay, don't be ashamed Glenn, we hoard Count Chocula too. 


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