Preschool Boy Banned from School Over Long Hair

Dress codes have become the norm in workplaces and schools, though the level of enforcement varies. Yes, the code has evolved over the past few decades due to rebellions and changing times, but they still stand.

And just because a school doesn’t have a uniform requirement, it doesn’t mean that freedom reigns. Kids are getting plucked from halls and classes for wearing clothing, jewelry, and hairstyles that do not conform to dress codes. School policy reigns.

In response to all the media publicity, the Barbers Hill school district issued this statement:

“Ms. Oates has the right to place her child in a district that reflects her personal expectations for standards of appearance. There are procedures in place for addressing concerns over policy if it is Ms. Oates’ desire to have her son educated in Barbers Hill ISD. But we would and should justifiably be criticized if our district lessened its expectations or longstanding policies simply to appease.”



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