Kevin Hart Apologized to His Wife and Kids for "a Bad Error in Judgment"

KEVIN HART has spent the last few months blowing off cheating allegations . . . but on Saturday he posted a video apologizing to his wife and kids for, quote, "a bad error in judgment."

Not because his conscience got the better of him, but because there's VIDEO of that "bad error in judgment," and someone was trying to extort him.  TMZ says the demand got up to EIGHT FIGURES, so Kevin decided to come clean and go to the cops.

The video in question doesn't actually show Kevin cheating.  According to sources who've seen it, there are several clips. 

One shows Kevin getting cozy with a woman in a club.  Then it cuts to a bed.  You hear some CREAKING, but you don't see the people on it.  Another clip shows a naked person in the room who COULD be Kevin.  There's no actual sex, though.

TMZ posted a clip from the video that's just text on a black screen, with the extortionist claiming that Kevin only started a Hurricane Harvey relief fund because he wanted to get ahead of this scandal with some good press.

They also say Kevin spent the weekend of his pregnant wife Eniko's birthday last month partying in Vegas, and having sex with multiple women.



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