Everything You Need To Know About the Queen Movie ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

(FROM uiltimateclassickrock.com) The Queen movie has taken a long and dramatic road to production. Now with a completed script, a director on board and cast selected, the project, called Bohemian Rhapsody, is finally about to begin filming. 

Alternately pegged as the band’s story and a Freddie Mercury biopic, it’s believed that the film will document Queen’s early years, as well how the band carried on without its singer. But the movie has had numerous starts and stops to get to where it is now, with several writers, directors and actors joining the creative team, only to drop out for one reason or another.

Stephen J. Rivele and Christopher Wilkinson, who have penned scripts for biopics about Muhammad Ali and Richard Nixon, were originally hired to write the movie. Then Oscar-nominated writer Anthony McCarten (The Theory of Everything) was said to be joining the project, but he was replaced by Revolutionary Road writer Justin Haythe.

The director slot has been just as chaotic, with High Fidelity director Stephen Fears (High Fidelity, The Grifters) and Dexter Fletcher each reported to be at the helm before they quit, eventually leading to Bryan Singer coming on board. But the most public switcheroo happened when Sasha Baron Cohen, who was set to play Mercury, left the project due to creative differences with the band in 2013. British actor Ben Whishaw was slated to take his place, but that fell through too.

“It’s actually happening,” Brian May finally announced in July 2017. “We’ve been 12 years on this trail, but I think we’re very close now to an announcement, which will signify that Fox has given the green light to actually supply the money. So yes, I think we’re very close. We’ve stayed with it for the last 12 years to shepherd it to the right place where we feel it would do Freddie justice. We only get one shot at this, and that’s it.”

In August, news broke that the film will begin production “very, very soon.” Check out the gallery to learn about how all the drama panned out, and what to expect from the movie when it finally reaches screens.



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