Spirit’s “Sexy Border Patrol” Halloween Costume Pulled From Store

Photo from Spirit Halloween site



Spirit Halloween is selling a “Border Babe” costume that encourages customers to "lay down the law on Halloween" and to “straddle the border between being legally lovely and criminally hot.” The costume comes equipped with a short dress, hat, badge, removable orange button, belt and binoculars.

Under Trump’s leadership, ICE and Border Patrol agents have become emboldened, tearing up families with no remorse and causing families to live in perpetual fear of deportation.Spirit has defended the costume, saying that it “playfully acknowledge[s] topical themes.” But there is nothing playful about Spirit’s “Border Babe” costume. 


“Spirit Halloween offers a full range of Halloween costumes that celebrate and appreciate all cultures, occupations and figures, both real and imaginary. With that, we playfully acknowledge topical themes - and building the wall is certainly a trending conversation in today’s political climate. We believe this costume carries similar sentiments akin to that of a police officer, military costumes, firefighter, doctor and more. As the president continues to drive the headlines and hashtags, we have costumes for everyone to join in on the fun, including: piggybacking on Mr. President, a host of masks that illustrate Trump’s many personas and a presidential BFF Putin mask. We’ve respectfully developed these costumes knowing that Halloween is a time for humor and fun, and due to the overwhelming popularity of these items last year, we think it’ll be a huge hit with our shoppers again!”


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