The Weirdest Halloween Costumes For Sale on Amazon

This year I think I wanna stray away from the need to be a SEXY SOMETHING and go with one of my favorite weirdo characters.... Old Gregg! Don't know who he is... well check this out:


Thanks to Amazon's two-day shipping, if you want to buy one of their Halloween costumes, you can wait until October 29th.  Here's some stuff that will probably STILL be available that late.

The website The Daily Dot just dug through the Halloween costumes on Amazon and found the WEIRDST ones they're selling this year.  Check 'em out . . .

1.  A jellyfish costume that's a big, shiny mushroom hat with lights built in, and sparkly streamers hanging down.

2.  A costume for a mom and her infant, where the mom is a chef and the baby is a lobster she's about to cook.

3.  An inflatable centaur costume.  You go shirtless and wear these big, brown, inflatable horse legs.

4.  A literal "couch potato" costume where you dress as a potato with a small couch wrapped around your body.

5.  And a bright pink flamingo costume that wraps around your head and waist. 

(Daily dot


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