NBA SEASON: A List of Prohibited Items at NBA Arenas


The NBA released a list of items that fans are prohibited from bringing into arenas . . . and in addition to the obvious stuff like weapons and illegal drugs, you also can't bring poles, selfie sticks, and "optical illusions."


FULL STORY:  The NBA season kicked off yesterday, so the league Tweeted a long list of items that fans are NOT allowed to bring to games.  Some of it was good to know.

You can't bring backpacks in . . . but purses and diaper bags are cool . . . even if they look like backpacks, as long as they fit within the size requirement.  You also can't bring strollers and outside beverages.

Other stuff is pretty obvious . . . like that you can't bring in "illegal substances," which means you'll have to leave your heroin in your car.  And of course, you also can't come in with weapons, pepper spray, aerosol cans, bats, fireworks, and, quote, "missile-like objects (which can be thrown)."  


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