2 Ways to Help the Victims of the #TexasChurchShooting


To help the victims and their loved ones, officials in Sutherland Springs are urging people to donate money in specific people’s names and donate blood, especially if you are O-Negative or O-positive. Wilson County Audrey Louis said there is currently not a demand for “canned good and nonperishable items.”

“We’ve had a tremendous outpouring for people across the country for people wanting to assist our families and their needs,” Louis said.

Donate money to the victims of the Texas church shooting

While the church could not be immediately reached for comment, interested donors can give money directly to the First Baptist Church through its website or Facebookpage. Donors can donate funds to the church with their credit cards, debit cards or PayPal accounts here, or using the Facebook “donate” tab on the church’s page here.

Louis, the Wilson County District Attorney, said at a news conference Monday that two bank accounts are currently being set up to accept donations for the families of the victims. Those bank accounts will be through the Sutherland Springs Community Association with Commerce Bank in Stockdale, Texas, and Wells Fargo Bank.

So far, GoFundMe has verified one fundraising page in wake of the shooting. That pageis gathering funds to help the Holcombe family, who lost eight members of their family as a result of the shooting. According to the fundraising page, the money will be given to a member of the family named Sarah Slavin, who lost her father, mother, pregnant sister-in-law and five nieces and nephews as a result of the attack.


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