USA TODAY: 10 Mind-Blowing Stats from the 2017 NFL Season

1.  Indianapolis Colts quarterback Jacoby Brissett has already thrown four touchdown passes that have gone for 60-plus yards.  Peyton Manning never did it more than three times in a season.

2.  The Pittsburgh Steelers have won seven games.  The rest of the AFC North . . . the Bengals, the Browns, and the Ravens . . . have won seven COMBINED


3.  The San Francisco 49ers win over the New York Giants was their first in over 700 days against a team that wasn't the L.A. Rams.

4.  Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco has more completions that have gone for negative yards than completions that have gone for over 20 yards.

5.  The Jacksonville Jaguars are 5-0 in ODD weeks with a point differential of plus-128 . . . and 1-3 in EVEN weeks with a point differential of minus-31.


6.  After Tom Brady's touchdown pass to Dwayne Allen on Sunday, he's now thrown a touchdown to 68 different receivers in his career.  Vinny Testaverde has the record at 70, and he had the benefit of playing for seven different teams.

Regardless, Brady will likely pass his mark soon.  There are four New England running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends on the active roster who have yet to catch a touchdown pass from Brady.

7.  Patriots coach Bill Belichick would have to lose 610 games in a row for his career winning percentage to match Hue Jackson's win percentage as Browns head coach (.040).  That would be 38 0-16 seasons in a row.


8.  The 0-9 Browns have actually out-gained their opponents in more than half of their games.  (#ThatsSoBrowns)


9.  Nine NFL teams are currently on win streaks of at least three games . . . the Rams, Vikings, Patriots, Saints, Eagles, Steelers, Titans, Jaguars, and Panthers.

10.  After the Patriots' win over the Broncos on Sunday, 29 teams have a losing record versus New England during the Belichick era.  The three that don't are the Giants, the Packers, and the Panthers, and they have TIED records.  So, NO team has a winning record against them.  (Hit up for the rest.)


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