BREAKING: New Fart Pill Can Warn You If You’ll Cut One


Farts are a natural, healthy byproduct of your digestive system, and everyone has them from time to time, but as funny as flatulence is, how, when and why gas forms in you can reveal a lot about your body’s inner workings. Now, researchers from RMIT University and Monash University have published a new paper revealing the invention of an electronic fart tracker that you can swallow like a pill. Isn’t the future great?

The scientists developed the pill — which was created as a more versatile and comfortable alternative to sticking a tube where the sun don’t shine — to be able to detect and track the production of gasses in a human digestive tract. The idea being that if science can pinpoint where and why gas is forming it could paint a more detailed picture of how our organs process foods, and even detect issues with certain diets. The research was published in Nature Electronics.



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