President Trumps FAKE NEWS AWARDS 2017 - winners or losers?


President Trump rolled out his "2017 Fake News Awards" via the Republican National Committee's website, which is having trouble keeping up with the web traffic.

Topping the list of "winners," the "New York Times'" Paul Krugman's prediction that the economy would suffer under a Trump presidency. There's another entry about ABC News' Brian Ross, who wrongly reported that Trump had told former National Security AdviserMichael Flynn to make contact with Russian officials before winning the election.

The blog taps CNN four times, the "New York Times" twice, and other media outlets including "Newsweek" and the "Washington Post." The final "award" goes to "Russia Collusion," which it claims is the "greatest hoax perpetrated on the American people."

The Republican National Committee page the president linked to at 8 p.m. came up with an error message shortly afterward that read:

"The site is temporarily offline," it read. "We are working to bring it back up. Please try again later."

See all the "winners" HERE.



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