According To Foreigners, THIS Is The Sexiest American Accent

  • Babble asked more than 4,000 hostel staffers from 43 countries to rate seven different regional tones to find out which American accent is considered sexiest
  • A Deep Southern accent was voted sexiest, followed by a New York accent
  • Folks in France prefer a New York accent, while those in Britain and Sweden prefer a Southern Californian accent
  • Overall the Deep Southern accent tops the list with 20% of the vote, followed by the New York accent, with 18%. New Yorkers were the top choice of French voters (57%), while folks in Britain and Sweden preferred the Southern California sound, and the Boston accent is a fave of folks in Germany, Spain and the Netherlands. 

    Top Seven American Accents, According to Europeans

    1. Deep South (20%)
    2. New Yorker (18%)
    3. Bostonian (17%)
    4. Southern Californian (16%)
    5. Texan (14%)
    6. Midwestern (10%)
    7. Minnesotan (5%) Source: Today


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