Some Snuggie Owners Are Getting A Check In The Mail


The makers of the famous blanket-robe are being forced to pay customers over seven-million-dollars in refunds. The Federal Trade Commission says Allstar Marketing Group duped customers with its buy-one-get-one-free promotion by failing to disclose additional charges for processing and handling.

You know the “wait! There’s more!” hook in the commercials? That’s what this is about. Snuggies were promoted on TV for just 19.95, and the ad said it would double the offer for less than ten-dollars each. The ads didn't say there was a seven-dollar-and-95-cent handling fee applied to each Snuggie, jacking up the total price to over 35-dollars.

But wait! There’s more! If you bought other products like the Magic Mesh Door, Cat’s Meow, Roto Punch, Perfect Tortilla and Forever Comfy, you could also get a check. Refunds are being mailed this week to over 200-thousand customers. Source: Time


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