YouTube shooter was vegan blogger who accused site of discrimination


San Bruno police on Wednesday were investigating why Nasim Najafi Aghdam, 39, of San Diego, opened fire with a handgun on Tuesday at the company owned by Alphabet Inc’s Google. A review of her postings online in Persian and English showed glimpses of resentment and anger at the video-sharing company.

“BE AWARE! Dictatorships exist in all countries. But with different tactics. They care only for short term profits,” she wrote on a website called, which translates as “Green Breeze” from Persian.

“I am being discriminated. I am being filtered on YouTube. I am not the only one,” Aghdam said in an English language video on YouTube before her channel was deleted on Tuesday. READ MORE


Californian media reported that Aghdam’s family had warned authorities that she could target YouTube prior to the shooting. The San Jose Mercury News quoted her father, Ismail Aghdam, as saying he had told police that she might go to YouTube’s headquarters because she “hated” the company.

Efforts to reach her relatives by phone were unsuccessful.


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