To beat porch thieves, Amazon slips packages in car trunks


Amazon gave a select number of customers from across the country early access to Amazon Key In-Car; here’s a video of them sharing their experience. Learn more:

The free in-car service is available for Prime members to use starting Tuesday, but it's only rolling out to the 37 US cities where Amazon Key is available and for now only works for newer cars from GM and Volvo.


Have you ever had a package stolen from your doorstep?

It can happen to anyone. There's not much you can do when you've ordered something to be delivered inside your home and it arrives when you're not there, whether that be because you're at work or walking the dog or at the grocery store. But Amazon is hoping to tackle this very issue, by introducing a new service called Amazon Key. It'll set you back about $250.00 bucks - MORE


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