The Internet's FIRST Viral Video


The video clip was staged and produced by Durango, Colorado-based Loronix Information Systems to demonstrate the benefits of their digital video surveillance system for release on a promotional CD.[3] The video is an example of a potential use for the surveillance system.[3] The video's subject is Vinny Licciardi, the company's shipping manager.[3] Licciardi appeared in a series of promotional videos extolling the benefits of Loronix's special brand of digital video recording systems. Loronix was the first company to develop a digital video surveillance system to replace video tape recorders. As of 2008, Loronix is a subsidiary of Verint Systems.[4]

Bad Day has circulated online since at least 1997.[2] It made its largest impression via email, where its reasonable size made distribution easy.[citation needed] The origin was revealed in 1998 originally by CNN and later in print by Security Distribution Magazine.[5] The company first heard of the video's popularity in June 1998.[3] Its popularity within the company created internal computer issues.[3] The video is also frequently used in Angry German Kid parodies, with the office worker in the video often being portrayed as Leopold's dad.


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