Fisherman Catches 321-Pound Marlin

Josh Roberts had been out on the water for an hour-and-a-half before snagging a striped marlin, something he’s been targeting for the last decade. The marlin didn’t come easy and reportedly put up a good hour-long fight with Roberts. 

Once the fisherman was able to pull the marlin in, he realized one major problem. The fish was too big for his 13-foot boat. “I basically tied it up alongside the boat so it would drag through the water,” notes Roberts. He says he raced back to shore to avoid sharks that could’ve stolen his prize. Once back on shore he was able to weigh the marlin that came in at a whopping 321-pounds, which is 70 more than Roberts expected. 

Roberts ended up taking the fish home to a relative’s smoker. He plans to give it away to his co-workers at an oil refinery and to his family. So what’s next for the fisherman after such a huge feat? “The forecast looks pretty good again for Friday, so I think I’ll be out there again,” he says. “I just love being out there on the water.”

Source: New Zealand Herald

The marlin was too large to fit Josh Roberts' 13 foot boat, so was dragged along in the water. Photo / Supplied New Zealand Herald


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