Frail Looking Johnny Depp Spooks Fans


Could be preparing for a movie but.....

Johnny Depp fans are a little worried for him after photos surfaced this weekend of the actor looking a bit frail. While on tour in Russia with his band The Hollywood Vampires, Depp stopped for pictures with a couple fans at the Four Seasons hotel. The two fans posted their pictures with their “idol” showing a freshly shaven Depp looking a tad gaunt.

Other fans began to comment on the photos concerned for the actor based on his appearance. Some couldn’t even recognize the actor, while others suggested he looked very sick and much too thin, even weak. However in earlier photos from the Mayakovsky state museum, which honors poet Vladimir Mayakovsky, he appeared to be happy and healthy while posing with staff. Depp even left a note in the visitor book writing, "I have been completely humbled by your hospitality and such proximity to the genius of Mayakovsky. All my respect, Johnny Depp.”

All of this comes amid Depp’s growing legal battles including a dispute with his former management company TMG and with his former body guards. Perhaps its stress? A rep for Depp could not be reached for comment.


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