Anthony Bourdain's Toxicology Report Released

The toxicology reports are in, and Anthony Bourdain did not have narcotics in his system when he committed suicide on June 8th. According to Christian de Rocquigny, the prosecutor in charge of the investigation in Kaysersberg in France, the famed chef only had a “trace of nonnarcotic medicine in a therapeutic dose” in his body. 

As we told you before, Bourdain was cremated in France. His remains and travel belongings were sent to his younger brother, Christopher. His mom, Gladys Bourdain, said that they’d probably have a small, private ceremony of some kind. “He would want as little fuss as possible,” she said. 

While Ms. Bourdain wasn’t a fan of Anthony’s tattoos, she’s going to get her first body art to pay tribute to his memory. The former “New York Times” editor is getting “Tony” tattooed in small letter on the inside of her wrist.