Here's How Much People Will Spend on the Fourth of July

posted by Dana McKenzie -

Just when you finally get out of debt from Christmas, now you've got to get BACK into debt over Independence Day?

According to a new study, the majority of Americans will spend less than $100 to celebrate the Fourth of July tomorrow.  But one in 10 people will spend over $500, and one in 50 will drop more than $1,000.

And here's what people say they're spending the majority of their money on . . .

1.  Food, 54%.

2.  Alcohol, 14%.

3.  Fireworks, 14%.

4.  Travel, 8%.

5.  Patriotic items, 2%.

Yes, that means 28% of Americans are putting most of their Independence Day cash into fireworks or booze. 

(Student Loan Hero)



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