Time Traveler shows video of Las Vegas in the year 2120

Noah says he is from the year 2030 and has been traveling through time. Apex TV has posted the video of Noah sharing his story on YouTube and if it’s true it’s cool.

The man says he has been to the year 2120 and has brought back a video of Las Vegas. There are flying vehicles in it, space needle looking buildings, and a red hue to the sky. Noah was is was terribly hot there and the red is the effect of global warming which he says “I’m pretty sure they are working on in the future.” 

Skeptics comments included, "Nope. It's a hoax. Great acting.,” "If the video was from the future he would have moved the camera recording to show us all the area. It's a lie." and "Why is he using a current time phone and not one from the future? The quality looks 3D animated.”

Watch the video below and decide for yourself

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