Jenna Jameson Shows Off MASSIVE Weight Loss In Amazing Before & After

  • Jenna Jameson just revealed on Instagram that she's gone down 10 sizes while following the keto diet. 
  • The former adult film star says she also supplements her keto diet with intermittent fasting—where she fasts for 16 to 18 hours a day, and eats in the remaining hours.
  • Jenna, 44, began her weight loss journey following the birth of her daughter in 2017.


"Let’s talk about the mental aspect of losing weight and getting healthy. I’m going to be honest with you, when I was heavy I hated leaving the house. I felt judged. I felt eyes on me everywhere. I could hear others internal monologue saying “damn, Jenna Jameson let herself go” ugh. All of us do this, we worry so very much how we are perceived. But beyond that shallow thinking there was deeper shame. I was disappointed in myself. I was worried I couldn’t lose the weight Sober. I’m being real with you. When I was in my addiction it was easy to stay thin. Sobriety and being overweight was new to me. I kept telling myself if I could beat addiction and stay sober, I can easily lose the weight... and I did. The healthy way. And as of today I can say my mental game is STRONG. I feel I can do anything, I conquered abuse, addiction, PTSD and depression. Thank you for listening and please tell me your stories below, I read every comment 💋 "