76 People OD in a Park | Synthetic Marijuana Laced With Fentanyl Blamed

(PHOTO CRED New Haven Police Chief Anthony Campbell talks with the media on the New Haven Green. (Mario Boone / WTNH)

First, there was one…then another and another…before anyone knew what was happening 25 people were overdosing in a park in New Haven, Connecticut. Before the day was done, 76 people had been identified as overdosed…71 of those were transported to local emergency rooms.

What happened? Officials say K2 – the synthetic form of marijuana. But that’s not all, the material was reportedly laced with Fentanyl. On top of that, the overdoses spread across the city. According Dave Hartman with New Haven Police Department, the drugs also weren’t purchased, but appeared to have been given to the recipients – many of which were homeless.

That said, there’s no indication that this was intentional or targeted. And while three arrests have been made in the case, officials cannot say for certain if all three or just one of the suspects are directly responsible for the overdoses. The investigation continues.