Tara Reid Gives Bizarre Interview for “Sharknado 6”

The interview, to promote “Sharknado 6,” aired on Australian TV, and Tara looked tired and distracted, and had a hard time expressing herself. She called the movie, “beyond... it's my favorite one. It's so ridiculous, it's so bad that it's good,” adding, “It's just out of control, like, the movie, it... it does, it takes every step to the next level.” Things continued to go downhill after that, with the time delay causing Tara to constantly interrupt the show’s host.

The interview was so strange some folks took to social media out of concern for the actress. “OMG she looked and sounded totally out of it - slurring her words. And so thin, she can't be well,' one fan tweeted, while another added, 'Is she OK?' and 'She's out of her tree.” Check out the interview here. Source: The Mail