This Security Guard Filmed All His Farts for Six Months and Went Viral

ALL HAIL PAUL FLART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After Doug shared the videos with his friends, he was encouraged to start an Instagram account, and the rest is history.  For 6 months he recorded himself farting at his desk, and says he never got busted.

The 31-year-old admitted that he suffered a small dry spell during his run, but after extensive research determined that eating more digestible fiber was the key to his success. He loaded up on granola, asparagus and beans to rocket his bowels back into action. Interesting enough, Doug claims his gas never stunk or lingered.

Doug says he’s not mad at his former employers, even though he never identified his place of business, and he does not plan on taking any sort of action for a wrongful termination.

As for his next step, Doug says he just launched his YouTube page, and is toying with getting into comedy. No celebrities have reached out yet, but he’s hoping to hear from Jimmy Kimmel.

He also says he will continue to deliver his famous farts, and believes his gas is enriching people’s lives and bringing joy to the world.