Marilyn Manson's status in church of Satan clarified

In case you've ever wondered whether Marilyn Manson was truly as evil as he makes himself out to be, there may now be proof. For years it's been rumored that Manson is an ordained priest in the Church of Satan, and now a member of that organization has stepped forward to clarify the shock rocker's role in the self-proclaimed cabal.

During an exchange about Manson on Twitter, one user stated that Manson was an ordained Satanic priest. But someone at the Church itself saw the debate and responded, saying, "No. Almost 30 years ago he was given an honorary priesthood for his real world accomplishments at the time. That is not 'ordained' nor is it related to anything he might say decades later."

Manson has been attacked by religious and moral watchdog groups throughout his career for his allegedly bad influence on fans. He told us a while back how he felt about such attacks: ["They can't find something illegal about what I say or do in my music. They just disagree with it morally because of their belief system. So, they have to create these lies to try and shut things down. It's very sad."] 

Manson is currently on tour with fellow shock rocker Rob Zombie, with the trek wrapping up this week in California. Manson has missed a couple of shows on the run due to, officially, "the flu" and "food poisoning."

Story source: LOUDWIRE

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