Taco Bell Employee Fired After Refusing To Serve English-Speaking Customer

A video has been going around social media showing a Spanish-speaking Taco Bell employee in Miami, Florida refusing to take an English-speaking customer’s order. She has since been fired by the fast food chain.

In the video...the customer, Alexandria Montgomery, is trying to place her order but is continually rejected by the worker. In Spanish, the employee Luisa tries to get her to leave since there’s a line waiting behind her, saying, “There is no one who speaks English. This is Hialeah, I’m sorry.” Montgomery stays at the window, which prompts the annoyed employee to lock the window shut, pick up her phone and threaten to call the police. Check out the video below.

Montgomery posted about the incident on Facebook, which has garnered a lot of attention since then – mostly in her favor. “I have attended deaf people, Chinese, Mexicans, Americans,” writes one user. "The important thing is to be treated with respect." Since then, the manager has apologized to the customer, and Taco Bell shares in a statement that the employee has been fired.