LANGUAGE: A Woman Drives Through the Middle of a California Wildfire

At the end she's worried that someone didn't get out.  We're pretty sure she's talking about her mom.  A commenter on Facebook said they rescued 48 horses from the fire.

(WARNING!!!  She drops several F-bombs starting at 2:28.  Search for "Chilling Video Of Brave Young Lady Coming Down Kanan Dume Road."  You can read more details, here.)

Officials fear at least 9 may be dead and a quarter of a million people have been forced from their homes as the fire in the north and two other major fires, Woolsey and Hill in Southern California burned this weekend.  Forecasters say intense winds and low humidity could fuel the blazes and make them spread even farther. The Woolsey Fire is one of two threatening homes in Ventura County and Los Angeles County in Southern California. The two blazes have charred a combined 20,000 acres as of Friday afternoon.

(Here's another video from a different fire in California.  WARNING -   This has an F-word at 2:16.  It's video of a dad and his toddler daughter driving through the Camp Fire.  He has to stay completely calm so she doesn't freak out, and then floors it when they're in the clear.)