The Big Story - Cheekky – A New Nipple-Friendly Social Media Platform

Those familiar with Instagram and nudity are all-too familiar with the social media platform’s “No Female Nipples Allowed” rule. It’s discriminatory and wrong, but what the hell can you do about it? Go to another platform, that’s what! 

To review, the platform Buttrcup arrived this past March. And there, pictures that deemed too racy for Instagram have a home. But now, those same “pro-provocateur and judgment free” people are proud to bring you Cheekky. Where hot chicks and model-wannabes can show off their goods without fear of being “reported.” 

Now, the pics here are “not quite explicit enough to be considered adult content,” but the girls who’ve got accounts can show off their goods and build their fanbases accordingly. Users can sign up free and check out the “Discovery Feed” and subscribe to the pages of your models of choice. You can also pay a fee and make “premium video” purchases. It’s yet another forum for you to enjoy nakedness in all its glory.

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