Have Tommy Lee And His Son Reconciled?

We previously told you about the family feud between Tommy Lee and his son Brandon. The assault charges were dropped back in April… so have they finally squashed their beef? It looks like it

The rocker shared a photo on Instagram of himself hugging Brandon, with the caption, “I love you son.” But that’s not all – Brandon also posted a video with his dad in a recording studio… and it looks like they were enjoying hanging out.

It’s unclear what has brought them back together. In case you forgot, heir feud originally came to a head when Brandon gave his allegedly drunken father a fat lip. Check out the photo below and video to the right.

Tommy Lee 911 Call, Fiancee Freaked Out & Says Son Has Guns

Tommy Lee's fiancee, Brittany Furlan, freaked out after he got knocked out by his son, Brandon, because Brandon had guns in his room. From March 2018