Ways To Call Santa And Leave Him A Free Message

From now until Christmas Day, kids can call Santa’s 24-hour hotline and leave him a personal voicemail message. It’s a service available through FreeConferenceCall.com and after listening to a message from Santa himself, kiddos can leave their own message for him. The phone number from the U.S. is (605) 313-4000, but the hotline’s website has a list of numbers to call from other countries and languages.And if you use your cell phone to call, you’ll get a text message back from Santa with a copy of the recording, so you can listen or share with grandma. The kids will understand that Santa’s so busy making toys in the workshop that he can’t stop to answer the phone, but they’ll love getting to tell him how good they’ve been and exactly what they hope to find under the tree.

Source: Lifehacker

Here is a message from Santa app

Or here is a message from Santa

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