Dallas Cowboys have made their decision

Head coach Jason Garrett was deemed largely safe on the heels of rallying the team from a 3-5 record to 10-6, the NFC East crown and a Wild Card victory while defensive minds Rod Marinelli and Kris Richard -- albeit suffering a bad game by their unit on Jan. 12 -- led their unit to being consistently one of the best defenses in the NFL. The offense, however, was a much different story in 2018, putting all eyes on Linehan as the Cowboys again failed to score much more than their 21.2 average when the defense needed to be carried for once. Scott Linehan will remain on Cowboys staff.

There has still been no word from Jerry Jones and/or Stephen Jones following the game, so put a pin in Garrett's declaration until further notice.

Additionally, if Garrett is not posturing to for the sake of PR reasons, there's also the chance the team moves titles and responsibilities around, potentially granting play-calling duties to someone other than Linehan for 2019 and beyond.

In other words, there is still much to be sifted through.

Following the game, Garrett joined Marinelli and Richard in taking accountability for all that went wrong. Linehan would do no such thing, instead seen walking past reporters on his way out of the stadium. Jerry Jones also avoided reporters once the clock hit all zeroes, a move that usually means something is on his mind. As it were, it turned out to be Linehan and how poorly the Cowboys' offense has continued to be the entire season -- with little respite from its inadequacies. It's certainly not for lack of talent, particularly following the blockbuster trade to grab two-time pro bowl wideout Amari Cooper in Week 8, a move that helped save the season. FULL STORY

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