Pink Floyd's Roger Waters Wants To Perform The Wall On US/Mexico Border

As per his rare London appearance in promotion for the band's new exhibit, "Pink Floyd, Their Mortal Remains," Waters revealed that he's considering on performing The Wall, the collective's 1979 studio album, somewhere along the actual border. "Before this can happen, there will first need to be an awakening against these far-right policies. The sewers are engorged by greedy and powerful men as I speak to you," the 73-year-old veteran said at the event alongside drummer Nick Mason via Loudwire

In his previous interview with AFP, Water emphasized why the band's cult studio effort is "very relevant" in today's climate, particularly because of "Mr. Trump and all of this talk of building walls and creating as much enmity as possible between races and religions." If Waters did create concrete plans to perform the LP, it wouldn't be the first time that the project has been used to capitalize on current day political affairs. Back in July 1990, Waters performed the entire album in Germany to celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall. Even with all of that said, the band's set was never written in the late '70s as an allegory about any real-life structures, but it's sure being put to good use.