Aaron Lewis Storms Off Stage After Being Asked To Speak Spanish

Staind frontman #AaronLewis abruptly ended his concert in Pharr, Texas after a concertgoer asked him to speak Spanish to quiet the crowd down

A aron Lewis walked off stage at the Pharr Events Center in Texas on Saturday night after an unruly crowd would not pipe down enough to his liking and let him sing his final song of the night.

The Staind frontman’s awkward standoff with fans during a solo show was captured on a cell phone camera and posted on TMZ.

At one point, an audience member called out “en Espanol” as the singer was directing people to be quiet. Lewis responded, “I’m sorry, I don’t know how to speak Spanish. I’m American.”

Pharr is a border town connected by a bridge to the Mexican city of Reynosa. Pharr’s population is more than 93 percent Hispanic and an estimated 88 percent of its residents speak Spanish.

Lewis, who got his start playing Western Massachusetts bars before Staind became an arena act, stood calmly as audience members continued to yell at one another to be quiet.

“I am only going to wait so long and then I’m going to say goodnight,” the Worthington country-rocker told the audience minutes before putting down his guitar and calling it quits. “Thank you very much. Have a great night.”

It was not the first time Lewis' clash with an audience has been gone viral.

Two months ago, a video surfaced of Lewis cursing at an Indianapolis concert-goer for calling out song titles while he was singing. “See that bald mother-[expletive] right there,” Lewis told the Indianapolis crowd, “make sure his walk out to his [expletive] car this evening is not that enjoyable.”

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