Concert Mosh Pit Roughs Up Female Fan; Disturbed Singer Steps In (Watch)

The heavy metal band Disturbed is currently on tour in support of their seventh studio album, “Evolution,” and during a stop at the Toyota Center in Houston on Monday, January 28, the band stopped the show to help out a fan in need — and then rewarded her in a very special way.

While the Grammy-nominated group was playing the song “Indestructible,” frontman David Draiman noticed that a female concertgoer was getting shoved around a bit too roughly in a mosh pit that had formed in a general admission, standing-only section on the arena’s floor.

After telling the rowdy area that he saw what had happened, the Disturbed singer then asked the woman if she wanted to join him up onstage, saying, “You, my dear, we owe you a debt.”

Of course, the woman jumped at the chance to join one of her favorite bands onstage. Draiman then found out that the T-shirt and jeans-clad metal fan was a 30-year-old named Sami. He laughingly admitted that he thought she was much younger because of her youthfulness, and then stated, “On behalf of the gentlemen in Disturbed, I want to apologize for you getting jumped into our gang.”


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