Man Sends Online Girlfriend Over $100K And Finds Out She's Not Real

  • A man struck up a relationship with a woman online while in a hospital
  • Over three years the man sent this woman over $143,000
  • Turns out it was all a scam and that she never existed 


Police said there are warning signs that a dating site user is a scammer:

  • They ask you for money.
  • They profile you and tell you everything you want to hear.
  • They will find out what you are looking for in a relationship and create events that will play on your emotions to get you to send money.
  • They groom you for as long as it takes (days, months, years) to get your money by being attentive, lavishing you with attention and compliments, and tell you that they love you. Usually they profess their love early in the relationship.
  • They are always available, because it is usually a group of individuals that are sending you messages, working off a script.
  • The images of your "loved one" will be stolen from the internet.
  • Your "loved one" will always have an excuse why they can't meet you.
  • They will always find a reason for you to send them more money.

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