The Villain from "Nacho Libre" Died in the Ring

Mexican wrestler SILVER KING died in the middle of a match in London on Saturday. He was 51. He played the wrestling villain Ramses in the JACK BLACK movie"Nacho Libre".

In the video below, you see him get knocked down 3 times, kind of writhing on the ground look somewhat dazed. It doesn't really look odd -- just doing what wrestlers do when they choreograph matches. But, then he takes a kick to the chest, and that drops him to the ground. His face is planted into the mat and he never gets up. WARNING: It's a bit hard to watch.... why EMT took so long to show up is beyond me. By the time paramedics hit the ring, they couldn't save him. 

Jack Black posted, "Go with God, brother" . . . in Spanish, of course.