Auditions for the next season of AMERICAN IDOL® are now open in Waco

IN-PERSON AUDITIONS across the country this summer! Check out the dates below and register for your IN-PERSON AUDITION HERE.

New York, NY- July 23

Mobile, AL- August 20

Macon, GA- August 23

Tallahassee, FL- August 23

Santa Barbara, CA- August 23

Baton Rouge, LA- August 25

Columbia, SC- August 26

Las Vegas, NV- August 26

Waco, TX- August 27

Knoxville, TN- August 29

Salt Lake City, UT- August 29

Colorado Springs, CO- September 1

Raleigh, NC- September 1

Washington, D.C.- September 4

Wichita, KS- September 4

San Jose, CA- September 6

Pittsburgh, PA- September 7

Springfield, IL- September 7

Spokane, WA- September 8

Detroit, MI- September 10

Locations and dates subject to change.

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