Shinedown's Latest Music Videos Inspired By Beyonce,“Pulp Fiction”

Shinedown’s latest album “Attention Attention” hasn’t only churned out chart-topping singles, but a unique music video for every track, too. In a new interview, frontman Brent Smith says they’re planning on putting together a short film with the album’s videos.

The band is taking a cue from Beyonce and The Lumineers with the decision to do an “album film.” “A lot of this started with Beyonce, with [her album] ‘Lemonade,’” he notes. “A lot of artists are making their albums complete pieces where there’s a visual for every song – it’s part of the different way people consume music now and it’s exciting.”

Shinedown was also inspired by Quentin Tarantino’s classic movie “Pulp Fiction” creating the unique music videos. “They all tell different stories that kind of link up with each other,” Smith explains. “There’s a lot of characters you haven’t met yet. For the rest of the year we’re going to be compiling the scenes for all the other songs.”

  • Shinedown’s latest video offering is an animated visual for “Monsters.”


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