“Toy Story 2”Sexual Misconduct Scene Quietly Deleted

In light of #MeToo and Time’s Up, Disney has quietly made an adjustment to “Toy Story 2.” ReRelease News reports that a sexual misconduct scene has been scrubbed from new releases of the 1999 animated movie.

The scene is part of a “blooper reel” played during the credits. The doll Stinky Pete can be seen offering twin Barbie parts in the next “Toy Story” movie in a… suggestive manner. When he realizes the “camera” is on him, he nervously shoos the girls away.

It makes sense why Disney would want to get rid of the scene, though they haven't commented. The dozens of sexual misconduct claims against disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein include allegations that he had a “casting couch” method of using his industry power to get sexual favors.Check out a clip of the scene to the right.

Source:New York Post

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