Marilyn Manson Hypes New Album

Marilyn Manson has a new album on the way, which is supposed to drop sometime before the end of the year. In a new interview withRevolver,the rocker says it’s going to be a bit of a personal one.

In fact, Manson thinks the upcoming record is worthy of self-titling. “I wouldn’t compare it to any of my other records, but you hear a bit of everything – I’ve finally focused everything into one spot,” he explains. “I’m in a mode where I want to tell stories with this record, like a wax museum of my thoughts.”

The rocker says fans can also expect an album “full of drama”... and it took a little bit of drama to make it, too. “It’s kind of like hitting the reset button a couple times, like when you’re drunkenly trying to change channels with the remote control,” he adds “Which is a good metaphor for my life.”

  • By the way... If you enjoyed Manson andShooter Jennings’cover of “The End” byThe Doors,you should watch CBS All Access’ upcoming adaptation ofStephen King’s“The Epic.” The song is featured on the soundtrack, but that’s not all… Manson tells "Revolver" he has an acting role in the series, too.


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