Bam Margera Concerns Loved Ones With Public Meltdown

Bam Margerahas concerned his fans and loved ones after suffering what looks like a public meltdown – a sign that he’s still struggling withalleged ongoing substance and mental health issues. He posted a slew of alarming photos and videos toInstagramthis weekend, ranting and calling onDr. Philto help him solve his personal issues with his momApril,his wifeNikki Boyd,and former friendBrandon Novak.

“Dr. Phil, I need your help in a big, big way. My family is in shambles, it’s been worse that its ever been, ever,” he says in the first, most Safe For Work video. “I’ve disowned my mom, and I’ll tell you why, Nikki, I can’t stand, I can’t stand her, I’ll tell you why.”

Meanwhile, on Saturday, the former “Jackass” star was reportedlybooted from a Southwest Airlines flightafter laying into authorities at the airport. Inone of the videos on his Instagram, Margera argues that he was joking about having “50 shots of tequila” and “500 beers,” and calls the officer an “idiot” who should be “fired” for believing him.Check out some of the posts below.

Source:Pop Culture

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