Tool’s Discography Invades iTunes Charts

Along with the long-awaited announcement of their new album,Tool revealed that their entire discography would hit streaming services for the first time. Well, it looks like fans are psyched about the decision – Friday ended up being a record-breaking day for the band.

Tool’s discography is invading the iTunes charts right now. More specifically, all five of the band’s albums, including their “Opiate” EP, have cracked the Top 10 songs chart at the same time… and the same goes for the Top Albums chart.

In iTunes Top Albums chart, records by Tool sit in the second, fourth, fifth, sixth, and eighth spots. When it comes to the Songs chart, Tool’s tracks are in second, sixth, seventh and eighth, among current mega hits like “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X and “Boyfriend” by Ariana Grande.


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