America’s Favorite Sandwiches & Others From Around The World

In the divided nation we all currently inhabit, it’s nice to know there are still some things we can still agree on. One of those things? That sandwiches are AWESOME. Still, there’s plenty of room for HEALTHY debate and disagreement about what’s “best.” To settle things once and for all,YouGov.comran a poll to find out which ones were most cherished throughout the land. Here’s are the results:

  • Grilled Cheese –79%
  • Grilled Chicken and Grilled Turkey –75%
  • Roast Beef –71%
  • Ham and BLT –69%
  • Club –68%
  • Bacon –67%
  • Peanut, Butter & Jelly –66%
  • Pulled Pork –65%
  • Tuna –64%
  • Egg Salad –58%
  • Meatball –56%
  • Reuben –48%
  • French Dip –46%

For as much love as bacon gets universally, it’s interesting to note the BLT doesn’t even come near the top…unless, of course, you want to create a masterpiece and put bacon on your grilled cheese.