Metallica Donates Quarter-Million To Build Hospital

Metallica is keeping up their tradition of supporting local organizations on tour. During the Romanian stop of their ongoing “WorldWired Tour” on Wednesday, the band donated over a quarter-million dollars to help build the country’s first pediatric oncology hospital.

The funds went to the organization Daruieste Viata, who have taken to Facebook to share a picture with the band and a giant check celebrating Metallica’s charitable donation. Of course, the donation was made via the band’s All Within My Hands Foundation.

“The donation made my Metallica has a special meaning to our project,” the president of the Romanian organization says in a statement. “[Metallica’s] music inspires and touches so many Romanians, and at the same time so many Romanians are inspired by and contribute to the establishing of the first Pediatric Oncology and Radiotherapy hospital in Romania, in order to give children with cancer a chance to live.”


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