Beards In The Hood 4

Ready to bring your beard to Central Texas?! Of course you are! Beards in the Hood 4 is coming November 2 to Pit Stop, Come out and join us.. either compete or spectate, tell your friends, neighbors & coworkers! You don't want to miss this. Help us raise funds for Paws Humane Society & Central Texas Aware. Let’s help the kids and the critters!


Spectator $5

Competitor $25

We can take cash or card!


1) Whisker Kids

2) Whiskerina

3) Stache ( styled and natural combined)

4) Partial beard

5) Best Groomed

6) “Under Construction” 0-3 inches

7) Full beard 3-8 Inches

8) Full beard 8 inches and up

9) Full beard, Styled Stache

10) Freestyle


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