Controversy Over “The Joker” Continues

The controversy over Todd Phillips upcoming “Joker” movie starring Joaquin Phoenix continues. As critics worry that the movie could is “dangerous” and could insight violence, like the 2012 mass shooting at a screening of “The Dark Knight Rises,” theaters are beefing up their security.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema has released a statement confirming that they’re adding security at their theaters for the Warner Bros flick’s opening weekend. Regal Cinemas is also aware of the controversy and says they’re “in regular contact with law enforcement” for potential security protocol, although they “do not believe the content or existence of any movie is a cause or signal for violence.”

Meanwhile, as conversation around the movie’s potential danger continues, Phoenix and Phillips aren’t taking any more questions.that they bashed the controversy, saying that people should just see the movie before making any judgments. During a recent interview with The Telegraph,when asked if he thinks the movie could set off a so-called “unstable, self-pitying loner with a mass-shooter mindset”... and Warner Broscanceled interviews altogether at the Los Angeles premierethis weekend.

Source:Entertainment Weekly

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